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...it wiggled out of my head

24 July 1975
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420, 80's music, adrian paul, alternative music, alternative religion, alton brown, alyson hanigan, anne rice, antiques, aromatherapy, barefoot, bbw, bdsm, beaches, beauty, bettie page, big cats, bisexual, biting, body art, body piercings, bodyart, bodywork, bondage, boots, btvs, buffy and angel, candles, cartoons, cats, celtic, chants, chocolate, concrete blonde, cooking, corsets, costumes, cuddling, dancing, david bowie, dawn, disney, dita von teese, dolphins, drag, dragoncon, dragons, eddie izzard, elton john, emeraldrose, epilepsy, erotica, ethical slut, faeries, fairy tales, fantasy, farscape, fate, female ejaculation, fetish, fey, fire play, firefly, free will astrology, freedom, glitter, goddess worship, goddesses, goth music, great sex, hedonism, henna, herbs, high heels, highlander, hippie rock, hugs, iron chef, irony, jack rabbit, james marsters, johnette napolitano, joseph michael linsner, joss whedon, kink, kinky sex, kissing, leather, linda carter, love, magic, majik, make up, many things punk, marilyn manson, massage, medicine, mermaids, movies, muppets, mystical creatures, nin, oral fetish, oral sex, paganism, patricia cornwell, pin up, polyamory, poppy z. brite, powerpuff girls, purple, rachel ray, redheads, renn faires, rennaissance fairs, rocky horror picture show, romance, safe sex, sci fi, sex, sex toys, sexuality, sexy voices, showtunes, sleeping, soriyama, spike, spiral rhythms, stockings, symbolism, tattoos, the changelings, therapeutic massage, thigh highs, thunderstorms, tim curry, true love, truth, unicorns, vampires, velvet, vintage, voltaire, wax play, willow, witchcraft, witchy women, wonderwoman, yoga